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Where and how your pet sleeps is an all important part to keeping them happy. We have a range of beds and blankets to suit all your needs, whether you just want a snuggly blanket for warmth, something waterproof and easy to clean. Maybe you have an older dog that need a little bit more support. We even cater for the glam pouch who likes a bit more bling. (New products added regularly)


Cat Bowls & Placemats

Dotty Heart Personalised Pet Bowl


Dog Beds & Blankets

Samson Water Resistant Cosy Bed


Dog Beds & Blankets

Sheepy Dog Bed (Various)


Dog Beds & Blankets

In your Dreams Dog Bed


Dog Beds & Blankets

Hula Hula Dog Bed


Dog Beds & Blankets

Military Cosy Dog Bed


Cat Beds & Blankets

Sofa Bed