CA&T Cat Laser Toy Review

CA&T Laser Cat Toy Review
CA&T Laser cat toy review
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CA&T Laser cat toy review

Our latest product review is of the CA&T Laser Cat Toy.

We all know how important exercise is, well your feline friends need it as well. The CA&T Laser Cat Toy is the ultimate toy to keep your cats and kittens busy and entertained and exercised at the same time.

No more hunting under the sofa for those lost laser pens.

The CA&T Laser toy has 3 speed settings. Slow, Fast and Random ( mixture of fast and slow with intermittent stops) We found that kittens love the fast setting whilst the older cat prefers a slower setting. You will enjoy watching your kitties play as much as they are enjoying themselves.

Just pop in 3AA batteries, place the coloured diamond shaped top on, set the speed and sit back to watch the fun begin. The laser Toy will automatically turn off after 15 mins.

Your feline pal is going to have so much fun and get lots of exercise whilst chasing the light around.

NB: If you use the laser toy regularly it may be an idea to give your cat a real toy towards the end of the play session, this can help avoid fixation and frustration at never been able to catch the light.

why do cats like laser toys?

Cats eyes are great at picking up movement. Which is why cats love to chase things! The bright red, fast moving light drives them crazy.

The CA&T Laser Cat Toy is an inexpensive and fun way to play with your cat. Although cats become obsessed with catching the litte red dot – please reward them with a treat afterwards to give them the satisfaction of catching their prey.

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